Sources of information on security and hacks of messaging and video chat apps

One of the latest biggest data breaches was on 30 December 2016. E-Sports Entertainment Association (ESEA). It is one of the biggest video gaming communities. At first they did not know which was stolen at first but they found out eventually 1,503,707 ESEA records had been leaked


Skype: Video calls being monitored and recorded and sold to websites. Upon doing research I come across that by just searching Skype webcam hacking, hacking apps and step by step article/blog posts  are the first lot of search results instead of news articles or help on how to avoid it.


Facebook messenger breach to hackers being able to listen to voice messages sent through the app.

Daniel Gilenson quoted “Every time a voice message or video message is recorded, it is saved in a temporary file on Facebook’s server- the file is shared between the sides participating in the conversation and is received through a link. If someone hacks the user’s Wireless Network, he or she could simply retrieve the link, convert it and allow its download to everyone and not only the parties in the conversation.”


WhatsApp has been breached by messages not through being sent and kept on your devices but them being backed up. backups that WhatsApp create contain the decrypted messages on your device. The backup itself is not encrypted. If someone wanted access to your messages, they would only need the latest copy of your daily backup.

My work experience


My experience in the reprographics room was the most fun in my opinion. There was more tasks to learn about and completing them for staff and students. I firstly learnt about the online receipts system for items such as notepads and laminating but everything which was printed was automatically charged to the students or departments account. I also got to learn briefly about how the big printer wormed and what it looked like inside and the safety rules 0about how to use it and what not to touch. I also made art books from scratch. Another task that I was allowed to do was to go into the accounts of each department and to adjust the amount available to each department so they never ran out.



The first week of reception I was in the back of reception. I was asked to recreate a table with the correct information on for the new college driving school sign ups. I also got to see how bus passes are handled and even got to update a few to see how the process goes.

The second week I was at reception helping out students and seeing what other jobs they do at reception including handing out temp college badges but checking if they are a current student first. This is safety to other students in case they are not a student and have dangerous intentions for entering the college.



In the first week of work experience in the library I was in the backroom on the main computer being shown all the systems the library got to deal with on a daily basis.

On the second week I was at the desk helping people book laptops and books and even got to see how they get rid of useless old books and how they process new books into the library system.

Continued work experience

I have chosen to continue my work experience until at least until the end of the school year (July) My work experience will be with reprographics for one hour Tuesdays and at reception on another day were I have time between classes.

Vimeo video animations

12 Rules of animation from Panop Koonwat on Vimeo.

This was my first project I completed in the SVA MFA computer art motion graphics class. The story is about the 12 rules of animation that you need to know to be a good animator. Do you want to know what the rules compose of? Let’s check it out!!!!


Tasty Visuals from Aszyk on Vimeo.

New prints available here! >

Description //

These visuals all started out from a single illustration (now the animation Tasty Visuals #001, the first loop of the sequence). Whilst creating the illustration I thought about how each bit might animate and so set about turning it into a short ident type visual. It was soon after that I learnt about the Resolume competiton for Kraak & Smaak a Dutch trio of musicians who create some quality funk/breakbeat/electro tunes. As Kraak & Smaak translates to Crunchy & Tasty I thought it’d be too good an opportunity to miss to get a set of food-themed illustrations turned into VJ loops.

Credits //

Track: Plastic People (Tasty Visuals Edit) by Kraak & Smaak feat. Bobby Nio
Published by Boogie Angst Music (Chrysalic Music), P&C 2008 Jalapeno Ltd.

NOKIA 3310

Nokia 3310

  • It is a GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) mobile phone
  • It was released later 2000
  • It sold 126 units worldwide
  • It was developed in Denmark
  • Features a 48 x 48 pixel monochrome display
  • It was popular for having rare features such as a calculator, Nokia network monitor, stopwatch and a reminder function.
  • It was remembered mostly for its games, such as Snake.
  • It was popular around the release time for the message sizes, at 459 characters per message, which was not a feature in most phones back then
  • It was also popular for the interchangeable covers available for it.
  • It cost around £42 when it first came out
  • There will be an updated version being released in 2017