Say “Hello” to the ICT 5 minute lesson plan!

Today we had staff development courtesy of Bradley Lightbody, CEO of

He reminded us that we don’t need reams and reams of paperwork (in some sense of the word) to be able to deliver an outstanding lesson. Our teaching practice hinges on more important things like keeping our professional skills up to date, or ETL’s in check and of course keeping things like our continual professional development … er … well … developing!

What you see below is a result of the session this morning; being told that the likes of Ofsted do not need a pile of paper taller than you are to prove you have planned an effective lesson. We should all remember that whilst we were doing our teacher training (most of us at least) we likely had a 5 minute lesson plan suggested to us; heck, I’ve typed more than I would write on this lesson plan in this post already… goes to show what happens when you are chained to the keyboard.

Feel free to take and use this; it would be great to know who is using it and where, so why not shoot me a message over on twitter? If you want to take a PDF version and alter it in Illustrator, feel free to download it here. Again, please let me know and give feedback if you like it; or if you don’t… I always want to improve my work and resources.



If you hadn’t guessed it vaguely resembles a computers processes; input, process, output.
I know computers don’t have two power supplies. Thanks in advance.