+XP Generator

Positivity in learning is often the most important part of a student’s day. This method, when used correctly, is solely positive. Learners become more engaged, take more notes, are more willing to do presentations and generally are more timely when there are points at stake!

Gamification in learning has been around since the first lessons were taught; this method was inspired by Zimmerman, McGonigal and others. I will publish the results from my initial action research intervention when the paper has been tidied up and expanded upon.

Think about it this way; the Scouts earn badges for their efforts, my learners earn points for their notes, contributions and presentations.

This method implements a new graphic set (which can be used by all staff), implements a hidden maths embedding element (learners add up their own scores) and english is tested with every worksheet (spelling tests, missing letters tests and factual recall)

An example of a worksheet used with Level 1 learners – note the mathematical elements and the simple spelling incorporation.
A slide showing the answers to the last section of the worksheet – allows discussion and reminder for those who didn’t get everything.
Visual cues that remind the class to make notes (in this case just in word, other graphics include blog icons, wiki pages and paper based notation)