CDP is a combination business; a qualified teacher with extensive resources and experiences in further education (often referred to as FE across the site) will take you through the process of graphic design production for your specific business needs. I try keep a balance between the technical side of life and the business objectives.

I trained as a graphic designer initially, and graduated in 2012. I am now planning on taking on a masters over two years at the same institution; Chester University. This means I have a balanced work/life that incorporates the creative and the academic with business and enterprise, which makes for an interesting work week.

This is going to be a productive way to fill my time between now and my goal in a few years time (something I will not divulge here in order not to jinx it!). I seek branding advisory roles, business planning and marketing strategy roles (using personal experience and formal training techniques). I also can teach this in formal ways — delivering to a class, a seminar or through on going courses. I have worked with a range of new startup businesses over the years, many of which have gone on to be successful in their endeavours.

Creating new businesses is something I love to do, help with and see come together, so if you want to begin a new startup, whatever it might be in, I can help you gain the skills that will take you through.


Example workflow, one morning a week for 5 weeks:


> Meeting 1 – Probe
We meet, find out what it is you want to achieve. This could be ‘create a new flyer’ or ‘build a new website that allows you to sell your product or services’. I will send you away with a few things to research and prepare for our second meeting, which is usually 1 week later.

> Meeting 2 – Relay
Having researched your area, I will return to you with my findings and suggestions.
I will recommend at least two courses of action that will be immediately beneficial, and outline a longer term action plan that will allow you to develop and spread your business’s reach.

> Meeting 3 – Train
A one to one (unless otherwise specified) session for a morning or afternoon that will cover the basics of how to create more pages on your website. Then we will focus on how best to send them out to your social media profiles, cross post them into various sites on the web and allow your target customers to see what you want to sell them. We’ll also have a look at Google analytics so you can build a picture of who is visiting your site.

> Meeting 4 – Create
By this point we will have a fairly well filled out website, suite of leaflets or design for your branding strategy. This means we can then move on to important background running of your enterprise. This part of the process is recommended as we will integrate and explore various digital methods of staying organised using a range of free systems online.

> Meeting 5 – Implement
We will review your businesses system and locate any flaws that could cause you issues in the months and years to come. We will review your progress and understanding of the outcomes you set out initially and take any necessary steps to help reduce the need to outsource in future.